Light Up Your Listing!

One of my favorite trends of late is the resurgence of retro light bulbs. It’s a refreshing contrast to modern light bulbs, which until recently had that clinical white/blue glow that isn’t a personal favorite of mine!

Good lighting, which should be warm, soft and easy on the eyes is simpleĀ to achieve if you start by choosing the right light bulbs. Today’s LED bulbs have come down in price considerably over the last couple years, and unlike early versions, come in a variety of colors to match the color palette of your home. It makes a huge difference for potential buyers too, so anytime you have photos taken or a real estate showing at your home/listing, be sure the lights are warm and the home is nice and bright.

A favorite of mine areĀ LED bulbs made to look exactly like an incandescent Edison bulb (see photo above). Better yet, they’re low energy and last for years!

Parting thought: Good lighting is key to making your home look warm and inviting to prospective buyers! Choose soft, warm bulbs and be sure the lights are on at your next showing!